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How We Work – Left Hand Drive Land Rover Defenders for the USA

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Left Hand Drive Land Rover Defenders for the USA

Buying a Land Rover Defender from Sear Motor Holdings is an easy and seamless process. Below is everything you need to know about ordering, deposits, payment & import. Any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

How We Work…

Order Request

Once you have selected the vehicle and any optional extras from our website and submitted your Order Request form, you will receive a confirmation email. At this point this is only an Order Request and does not constitute an Order Transaction – no money is requested or paid at this point. All we require is your name, address and zip code – as Sear Motor Holdings and both of our Shipping Agents handle everything else – You do nothing.

Order Transaction

As soon as we receive your Order Request, we will then communicate with you and confirm the deposit and complete price for your selected Land Rover Defender vehicle and any optional extras. To make an Order Transaction you will need to pay a deposit which is in USA Dollars ($) and will also be confirmed at the same time.


All Defender 90 Vehicles = $19,900 USD
All Defender 110 Vehicles = $24,900 USD

Payments are made directly into our USD bank account in US Dollars and therefore you will not lose anything in the exchange rate. The price you see is what you pay!

Photo Shoot upon Completion

Professional Photo Shoot upon Completion of your Defender of a minimum of 40 photo’s, which is sent via We Transfer to every Client, PRIOR to the transfer of final balance of build funds from your bank for total peace of mind.


A deposit is required to confirm your Order Transaction for your Bespoke Land Rover Defender vehicle with the balance paid upon completion of the vehicle build before it leaves our workshops here in the UK. We will then send you a set of photographs of your completed vehicle.

The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances other than those agreed in writing by Sear Motor Holdings where we may not be able to complete your order for reasons outside of our control.
All vehicles must be fully paid for prior to transportation to you.

Account detail are provided by secure means, including IBAN and routing numbers. We DO NOT accept PayPal payments or credit/debit card payments.

Receipt of Bank Funds upon receipt of initial deposit and final balance of funds upon completion.

Shipping and Transport Logistics

Our prices are for the completed vehicle, with free delivery to our Shipping Agent at Berth 22 at Southampton Docks UK by transporter.

We give you a free introduction to our “shipping agent” and their team who will look after you as you become their direct customer/client for your extra security and peace of mind; You pay direct for the shipping to the agent which is approximately £950 GBP 90 Model and £1050 110 Model including all UK Port fees over to the East Coast of the USA –  Newark Port as generally used, payment can be also collected in Dollars, even Stateside at the Port of Entry.

Sear Motor Holdings or the shipping agent will create your standard shipping note that awaits the free delivery down to the Docks from our mutual personal details. We create your Bill of Sale, including scanned copies of the original Log Book – all we require is your full name and address!

We then introduce you to the USA shipping agent based in Baltimore and a member of the team here in the UK deals with them free on your behalf. They clear Customs for you at the Port in the USA and deal with all Customs Clearance: you also pay them direct approximately $600

You will be responsible for any Import Duty – as usual – @ 2.5% – current rates, again this is all handled by the USA shipping agent on your behalf!

A seamless, simple process, as all of the Import Paperwork is completed prior to the vehicle leaving the UK.

We request a personal shipping quotation for you and the team send that direct to you.

We then post all Original Log Book and Documents by Airmail Courier to your home address for security and safe arrival, including a wet bill of sale stating clear of title, transfer of ownership and all funds paid in full.

New Customs Red Official Stamp now available on your US Customs Clearance Document – approx $75 USD, simply request and we organise with the shipping agent over in Baltimore USA, great extra documentation to also keep together with your Heritage A4 Laminated Certificate to further enhance the true value of your investment for the future.

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